How To Start a Home Based Business Using a Foolish Idea

Unemployment rates are still high and many people have been unable to find a job. With so many people out of work, there are far more applicants than job openings. It is staggering to see there are thousands of people struggling everyday trying to make ends meet. On any given day, you hear a story about families living in their car, or forced into a homeless shelter because they simply ran out of money and have nowhere else to go.I thought this was America, the greatest country in the world. How did we get here? It seems that somewhere along the line we lost our vision, our dream. Take a look around. If we are not careful, there will be nothing left for our children and grandchildren. So, what can you do to survive? Be creative. Use experience from jobs previously held to start your own home-based business. Most people have transferable skills that can be applied to another job or business.There are numerous free ad websites such as craigslist, community newspapers, or classified ads, that you can use to get an idea of services people are looking for. But you must use caution and beware of scam artists who might be waiting to exploit you and steal your identity. NEVER pay anyone who advertises, “if you send them money”, they can find you a job. They know you are unemployed and more likely than not, will victimize you in some way. A little bit of common sense goes a long way. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.Ideas to Start A Home Based Business

Lawn and garden. Everyone needs their lawn cut. Many older Americans are no longer able to keep up their yard. Equipment needed: lawn mower, edger. Start advertising by getting some business cards and flyers made and distributing them.
Car or Van service. Start a carpool and charge by the week. With high gas prices, people are looking for alternative ways to save commuting time.
Cooking. Make up a menu and take them to barbershops, hair salons, or other professional businesses, and offer to take orders and deliver meals. Many of these professionals do not have time to prepare a healthy meal and would welcome a home cooked meal.
Kiddie Cab. Children have doctor and dental appointments. Sometimes it’s difficult for parents to get time off from work.
Avon. $10 to start. You can leave books in your neighborhood, church, doctor’s office, etc.
Translation services. If you are bilingual this could be an excellent opportunity.
Cleaning services. There are many foreclosed properties sitting on the market. Visit or call real estate companies and negotiate a flat fee to clean the properties. Good way to also offer lawn care services.
Piano lessons. Offer in home lessons.
Event planner. Everyday someone is planning an event, whether it be a wedding, church function, family reunion or party.
Alterations services. Check out what stores charge for alterations and beat their price.
Hair braiding. Very lucrative (check for licensing requirements)
Elder care services. High cost of insurance prevents families from providing quality care for their elderly parents or relatives. If you have a background in the health industry, you could offer to do in-home care.
Relocation and Moving. Providing information to people relocating to new city.
Car detailing
Window tinting
The possibilities of starting a home business are endless. Think about what you really enjoy doing. Many of the suggestions listed above do not require spending large amounts of money. Search online for grants that may be available. Start off small and put back any money you make back into the business for equipment or advertising. Whatever your case may be, you have numerous ways to select the right home-based business.

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